iTorcello is an application for smartphones and tablets created to raise awareness and enhance the beauty of the artistic and religious heritage present on the island, the pearl of the Lagoon and place of the origins of Venice. It is not primarily a tourist guide: the rich contents are descriptive but are taken care of from the scientific and iconographic point of view, allowing the accompaniment of the visitors and also the use at a distance to deepen the visit made or anticipate the emotion. The simplicity of the menu and the functions, which include image recognition, make it easy to use.

There are photos, videos, audio files and texts in Italian, English and Japanese.

We chose that the three languages ​​were not just translations of a single text but were written in view of the target groups that speak the different languages.

A map allows visitors to travel around the island.

Two versions: free, as a demo to discover the features and pros, full of texts and multimedia supports.

Patriarchate of Venice – Cultural Heritage and Tourism

The Diocesan Museum